Saturday, 27 June 2009

Slow Worm Invasion

In the past we have watched the Air Show (see yesterdays post) from a sunny bank set higher up in our garden but a couple of years ago we put a weed suppressant membrane over the area with the intention of then covering it with a thick layer of wood chips (the weeds on the bank are 'super weeds' that grow twice as fast and twice as large as anywhere else). However before we managed to get the wood chips the Slow Worms had taken to living underneath the membrane so it is now a no-go area.

We spent a very pleasant day viewing the flying from another part of the garden although I have to say I found the passing wildlife more interesting and was surprised at how many butterflies there are at the end of the garden. I will have to take my butterfly book with me tomorrow to see if I can identify any of them.


Midmarsh John said...

How lovely to have resident Slow Worms - Great picture of one there.

Helen said...

Thanks John. We haven't got as many slow worms as we used to have but they totally disappeared for a while a few years ago (at the same time as the hedgehogs disappeared)so now they are back we are very pleased to give over our bank to them.