Sunday, 19 June 2011

Wonderful Wildlife

We recently attended a conference on chalk grassland. One of the speakers, Bill Oddie no less, answered the question, 'Why is wildlife important?' by saying that, above all, it gives pleasure. Just lately that pleasure has taken on a bigger role for me as it is helping me through what is a rather difficult time. My dear old mum has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's and I feel so sad that this special person has to end her days slowly forgetting everything that is important to her. However whenever I go out for a good trudge in valley or even just a stroll round the garden my mood is always lifted by the wonderful wildlife. Here are just some of the things that cheered me up today...
Bee on the Iris at the edge of one of my ponds
Man Orchid (one of 20 in the Pony's field)
Pyramid Orchids in the valley behind us
Unusual Pyramid Orchid (I think) is definitely not a common spotted
Yellow Rattle (v. prolific this year)
Scabious and one of many butterflies
Bee after the rain
and lastly my friendly pheasant with her baby visiting the garden
If only my mum could manage a walk round the countryside...I just know it would cheer her up as well.