Friday, 4 September 2009

The Spiders are Coming.

The spiders are indicating that we are slipping gradually into Autumn as there is a relentless migration of them into my bathroom and an equally relentless effort on my part to deny them entry. Those that make it in are quickly caught in the spider catcher and returned to the garden, although, there have been three spiders that were too big for the spider catcher!!

I did intend to put a spider picture that my son had taken in macro at this point but I can't bring myself to do it as I am not that keen on spiders due to a couple of nasty incedents with them.

The first incident occurred after I had had a lovely relaxing bath. I slipped on my warm, fluffy bath robe and settled on the sofa with a nice glass of cool white wine but as I picked up the wine glass a large hairy black leg appeared out of the cuff of my bath robe...eeeek! I was not too relaxed after that:-)

The second incident was back in the days of having to get up in the dark to go to work. The alarm woke me up and I heard the Teasmade making me my morning cuppa. I dosed for a few minutes to let it cool down and then, so as not to disturb my husband, I didn't turn the light on, but took my cup from the Teasmade and took a big reviving gulp. Horror, something large got stuck in my throat. After a panicky few seconds as bits of the 'something' went down my throat and other bits didn't, my husband, who had been woken up by the choking noises, turned the light on to find me pulling huge spider legs out of my mouth...eeeeeeeeeeeeek!! Needless to say the Teasmade went in the bin and I only ever have a bottle of water by my bed now:-))