Monday, 29 June 2009

Flying Bugs

I actually enjoyed the Biggin Hill Air Fair this year as for once it wasn't too noisy; even the Vulcan Bomber's display was reasonably quiet. I spent both days sitting in the sun at the end of the garden, where, in the moments there were no aeroplanes flying, I could admire the flying antics of many butterflies. I didn't realise there were so many down there. I am not very good at identifying butterflies or moths so if I have got these wrong please let me know.

Marbled White

Meadow Brown

Burnet Moth

In a previous post I mentioned how frightened the deer get during the Air Fair and showed a picture of them by the woods, right under the flight path, the evening before the Air Fair. This picture is of the same woods with a Virgin Jumbo Jet flying over the exact spot where the deer had been. It was huge but remarkable quiet for it's size, although, I am glad it only puts in an appearance for an occasional Air Fair. There was no sign of the deer so hopefully they were not too traumatised.

This year the Virgin plane was accompanied by the Red Arrows and while they were flying around I glanced across the garden and saw a Sparrow Hawk trying to grab a little chaffinch who was taking a bath at the edge of the wild life pond (he didn't get it). Both birds were totally unconcerned by the big birds in the sky:-)

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