Thursday, 4 June 2009

A Day Indoors

Update on the lone fox cub; he seems to be doing well. He was in the garden yesterday evening and was scent marking everything, including the birds water bowl!

The garden is beginning to look like a jungle as bindweed and ground elder threaten to take over but I have just found out that the young shoots of ground elder, which apparently was introduced by the Romans (not the cleverest thing they did), is edible so now it will feature on the menu of my grandson's guinea pigs (they live with us as he is allergic to them).


Gemma's baby, Ginger

The Guinea pigs live in my daughter's old bedroom. Despite my husband having built a lovely big run for them, they don't like it outside because they find those big birds (the aeroplanes) terrifying. Up until now I have had them in two interconnecting cages and then given them a run on the floor each day but I have just managed to get another cage so I ignored the weeds in the garden and spent the day inside spring cleaning their room and setting up the new cage. My husband then cleverly joined it on to the other two. It took ginger a couple of days to work out how to get from one cage to another but now they are really enjoying their extra space.

Now I just have the rest of the bungalow to spring clean but it will have to wait as we are off to the New Forest for a couple of days (my favourite place) for our wedding anniversary.

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