Wednesday, 27 May 2009

I was just walking past the window when I noticed the fox in the garden and for once there were no pheasants around so I was able to grab my camera and take a couple of photos. Whenever the fox is in the garden he always has a good snuff around the bottom of the cob nut tree so I am wondering if there are some mice living there. It would be a good place for mice as there is a constant supply of food dropped down from the bird feeders an of course the nuts in the autumn. I will have to keep a watch out for them.

This is definitely the same fox that I mentioned in an earlier blog that was injured as this next picture shows the scar on his back. I am amazed he has recovered so well and so quickly as he had been in a very bad way and was barely able to walk.

I notice that the RSPB are doing a 'Summer Watch' this year for people to count all wildlife visitors to their garden not just birds. Trouble is a lot of the wildlife like the foxes and badgers visit in the evening or night so I maybe I could do two watches one in the day for birds and the other at dusk. I will have to read on their site exactly what they need.

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