Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Dry day in the Garden

At last a dry day, so despite painful muscles after a particularly arduous horse ride the previous evening, I decided to abandon the housework and get into the garden. A drop of rain and the odd bout of sunshine had done wonders for the weeds...stinging nettles had sprung up everywhere and the first shoots of bindweed had reached at least a metre. Why don't all plants grow with such vigour I wonder. There are some weeds though that although a nuisance I can't help liking and the buttercup is one. We seem to have a bumper crop this year but their splash of brilliant yellow adds a nice touch here and there so they have been left for another day.

Another odd thing I find about my garden is the way that the flowers in the border seem to prefer the gravel area around the path. My perennial Sweet Pea, Lavenders and Sweet Williams have all taken to growing there instead of where I originally planted them. It looks pretty though so they can stay too.

Around lunchtime I was just thinking that it felt like I was in another country because our flock of Ring Necked Parakeets were making such a lot of parroty squawks when all of a sudden, just to confuse me further, I heard the sound of bagpipes coming from the other side of the valley...very unusual for SE England. The next hour was spent very happily pottering around the garden accompanied by some really lovely music but then my husband started the lawnmower and the airport started its load of afternoon flights so I went in for lunch.

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