Friday, 22 May 2009

Grumpy Female Pheasant

Oh dear, it seems friendly female pheasant is getting fed up with the amorous advances of friendly (or should I say over-friendly) male pheasant.

Yesterday female phes. flew up into the cob nut tre
e proclaiming that she 'had a headache' and wasn't coming down for at least an hour. This left confused male phes. gazing longingly up at her (he doesn't 'do' trees).

I don't blame her really as he is always chasing her around, dropping a wing to show her how handsome he is . He never leaves her side whether she is pecking around the garden or going for a wonder round the field. He is always there making advances.

He is a very handsome bird but sometimes a female just wants to get on with life and if she isn't allowed to do so she will go into a huff.

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