Saturday, 23 May 2009

Female Pheasant Missing

I opened the curtains yesterday to find , yet again, that female pheasant and male pheasant were apart. Male pheasant was on the fence right outside the kitchen window but female was perching quite a long way away on the same fence (you can just see her). This is very strange behaviour for these two as they usually stay together all the time.

Then this morning I found the male phes looking very fed up sitting under a bush on his own and there was no sign of female phes

This could mean two things. She may have laid some eggs and be sitting on them which would explain her moodiness of the last two days or the fox (who now seems fully recovered from his injuries) could have got her. I'm hoping so much its the first reason as I am very fond of this particular pheasant.

She first came to the garden two years ago with her mother who was also quite friendly. Unfortunately the mother disappeared last autumn. If they fly to the other side of the valley they are likely to be shot. I personally don't know how anyone could actually enjoy shooting such a beautiful bird or any animal come to that but they do and regular shoots are held over the winter months. I was therefore very pleased when the friendly daughter turned up in the garden again just before Christmas... I can tell it is her as when she sees me she runs towards me instead of away as the other pheasants do. I hope she is busy trying to produce another friendly pheasant to bring to my garden but only time will tell.

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knutsel Rein said...

What a beautiful Pheasant!