Sunday, 24 January 2010

Busy Birds

It is easy to see how pleased the birds are that the weather is no longer freezing because, as well as busily looking for food to build themselves up again, there also seems to be quite a bit of flirting going on. I am really looking forward to the spring and have already collected lots of sheep's wool that I will put out when nest building begins.

My friendly robin survived the freeze ok. While I was doing a bit of organising on photoshop I came across a picture of him/her taken in August....just a baby... he/she is all grown up...and still as cheeky as ever.

Although I am pleased for the wildlife that the weather has improved I am sorry to say that these horrible damp, grey days make me feel very fed up.

We walked over to the ponies yesterday through loads of squelchy mud. The ponies were happy to see us which made it worthwhile. Tivy trotted over for a scratch but Rufus, as usual, carried on eating...during the snowy weather, although he was given hay, he developed a habit of nibbling bark, fences, the gates and the notices on the gates which say 'Don't Feed the Ponies'..hmm..can he read:-))

I am trying to cheer myself up by making some plans for the garden. Last year we gravelled the drive so now we need to make a path down from the drive to the front door and then we will be able to do some planting. When I was a child our next door neighbour's path was lined either side by Lavender and I loved running down it surrounded by bees and a lovely scent. This is what I would like for our path so I have been finding out about different sorts of Lavender. I also want to be able to use the Lavender in cooking and for craft things so it is important to get the right type. I will need quite a lot of plants to line the path on both sides but we have a Lavender farm fairly close to us so I am hoping that they will sell seeds in their gift shop. Can't wait to get going on it.


Goosey said...

Thank you for popping over to my blog, I thought I would have a peep at yours's intereseting too. I especially note that you are in Biggin Hill and when I was a teenager I used to stay with a favourite Uncle and Aunty who farmed at Skid Hill Farm near Biggin you know it?

Orchids and Nature said...

I love your robin photographs,you next challenge is photographing him at his nest this springtime.

Helen said...

Hi Goosey...I know Skid Hill Farm very well as we back onto what used to be their land. In our early days here we sometimes woke up to their cows in our garden:-)) If you look at my header picture the farm is just out of sight, on the hill, to the right. All the farms and land around here are now owned by one big development company who employ farm managers to farm the area. Thanks for looking at my blog..hope you will come back for more.

Helen said...

Hi robin is very easy to photograph as he/she is soooo friendly. It would be lovely to get him/her on his nest but failing that I hope he brings his babies for a visit at the bird table. It is so nice to think of the coming Spring and Summer:-)