Monday, 4 January 2010

Birds Eye View

I know a lot of people aren't too keen on crows but I really quite like them. They seem to enjoy life in their large social groups and they seem to also enjoy their ability to fly...I frequently see them chasing each other or just gliding around on the air currents apparently 'just for fun' and when resting, it is usually at the top of a tall tree where they can get the best view of the surrounding countryside.

On this freezing cold morning the crows were out and about as usual but more concerned in finding food than playing games in the sky.

Just before Christmas my husband and I got the chance to experience a 'birds eye view' when we went to the Paul McCartney concert at the 02 (Millennium Dome). Our seats were right up near the roof and it was very high up! When I first looked down, something seemed to draw me forward. If I had been a bird I would have taken off and swooped around but as a human I found it rather disconcerting.

I wonder if birds, especially fledglings, experience a similar feeling and that is what draws them out of their nests for their first flight.

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