Saturday, 27 August 2011


This post is a bit of an experiment to see if I have managed to sort out a problem. For sometime now when I have gone to 'Publish Post' a message has appeared saying 'Java script void.' I had just found a few things to try to correct it when Virgin Media messed up our Internet connection and has taken nearly a month to repair it..all very frustrating:((
Anyway hopefully it will all be ok now but for anyone with similar posting problems, I think it originated from updating to Internet Explorer 9 so I have now reverted back to IE 8. I have just found that didn't work so I have now tried going through a different browser (Firefox) and I think that has done the job:)
I suppose I should also test posting an image so here are a couple...the first is of the sheep shearer in action, back in June, with one of the Project's Beulah Speckled Face ewes, followed by a Jacob ewe, looking some what surprised, just after having had her woolly coat removed. Behind the Jacob are the lambs, who, as they aren't shorn, are separated from their mothers until the deed has been done. The noise of them calling to each other was deafening, so much so that my husband, who suffers with tinnitus, was walking around with bits of tissue sticking out of his ears:)
My next problems to sort out are why I can't double space between paragraphs (hence the silly stars) and why I can't highlight things to delete or move them. If anyone has any answers please let me know.


Lesley said...

Helen, this post looks perfectly alright and there is double-spacing between your paragraphs. I've experienced problems too in the past when updating to I.E.9, so that could be where the trouble originated from. I never update Explorer now - as long as it runs well, I see no need to do that when it causes so much aggravation. I hope you've got things sorted out now. :)

Helen said...

Hi Lesley..computers can be great but also sooooo frustrating when they do odd things. My children think that the challenge of solving the problems is half the fun and also say that it is how one learns so they won't help me...reminds me of what I used to say to them when they were struggling with their maths homework...didn't realize that it would come back to bite me:)