Friday, 23 April 2010

Dawn Chorus...of Cars.

This morning I decided that it was time to properly enjoy the wonders of the dawn chorus so at 5am I dragged hubby out of bed and we set off to the ponies with a breakfast of currant buns and coffee in the backpack.

To me it felt very early and the birds were singing with great gusto but unfortunately it was just the start of another day for a lot people who were off to work and car after car drowned out the magical, joyful bird song. It was very disappointing and although I should have really felt sorry for people who have to leave for work so early in the morning, at the time I felt really resentful

It was a bit quieter by the time we got to the ponies as it is further away from the road but by then the best of the dawn chorus was over. It was still good to be out at that time in the morning and we enjoyed our picnic breakfast. Of course inquisitive Tavey wanted to know what was going on and had to check out my walking pole to see if it was edible...

...and then he wanted to know if I had saved him any currant bun (which I hadn't).

In retrospect, despite the car noise, it was a nice start to the day and I feel so lucky that at 5am I could be walking across beautiful countryside, spotting wild flowers, rabbits, foxes and deer and two happy little ponies, instead of having to drive to some boring job in a stuffy office...I've been there, done that and never want to do it again:-)


The Nature Blog said...

I went out for a walk recently and cosied down with a good book in the middle of nowhere only for a light aircraft to fly overhead and spend the next hour doing "stunts" overhead until I gave up and came home :-)

Helen said...

Living near to Biggin hill Airport I have also had similar experiences of aircraft that just won't go away. I wonder if the pilots ever consider how annoying it is for the people they are flying over.