Sunday, 30 August 2009

Love is in the Air

I have an admirer and the feeling is mutual. Every time I go into the garden a young robin follows me around. Whatever I am doing he is there watching me and I really love his company.

Yesterday I was cutting back the overgrowth around the small fish pond and as usual my little friend was there so I thought it was about time I had some photos of him. The first photo was taken standing up bending over the bush the robin was in but as my back was sore it was difficult to keep still.

I decided to chance sitting down to take the next photo but expected that Robin might not like that and fly away. On the contrary, he seemed pleased and came even closer to me.

The next 5 minutes I spent telling Robin what a beautiful, handsome young lad he was (actually 'he' might be 'she' but I don't expect Robin cared). His reaction was to hop up and down the branch almost going onto my knee at one point... bit of luck my old cat has lost her appetite for Bird:-)


Midmarsh John said...

Beautiful clear photos, Helen. Especially the second one with the reflection in the Robin's eye.
Robins are normally said to be friendly and inquisitive but my local one is very camera shy.

Helen said...

Thanks for the comment John. All our Robins in the past have kept themselves to themselves so I have no idea why this little chap is so friendly. I am thrilled as it is lovely to see him close up and to feel in some small way we are communicating with each other:-)