Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Worm Brew

For a long time we had loads of worms in one of the compost bins so with that in mind my husband asked around to see if anyone was getting rid of a wormery. Almost immediately someone on Freecycle sent him an email offering him one, so since Easter we have been nurturing lots of wiggly worms.

The great thing about having a proper wormery is that as the worms eat their way through our leftovers they produce a liquid and as the wormery has an artificial floor with holes in, it allows this liquid to pass through to the bottom where it can be drained of by means of a tap. We now have our first brew of wormy wine ready to treat our plants with. Lets hope the plants like it:-)


Midmarsh John said...

I am sure your plants will like the diluted worm brew. I have had my wormery for three years now and have been delighted with the free fertiliser. My wormery is taking a long while to fill as there is not a lot of kitchen waste here but they seem to thrive on tea bags, potato peelings and banana skins.

Helen said...

Hi John...please could you tell me how much you dilute your worm brew by? We knew that we had to dilute it but with no instructions its all been a bit of guess work. It would be very useful to know exactly what we should do. Thanks. Helen

Midmarsh John said...

Hi Helen. The recommended dilution is one part of worm brew to ten parts of water - so it goes quite a long way.

You might like to look at the FAQ page on:


In the winter I wrap a couple of layers of bubble wrap round the wormery to keep the worst of the cold winds off it.

Have fun. John

Helen said...

Hi John. Thanks for that information...very useful. Helen