Thursday, 16 April 2009

First Post

I have been sitting at my computer for at least twenty minutes trying to think of a good first post for this blog. During this time I have been looking out of my living room window at the fields and woods that make up our area of chalk downland. Usually there is so much going on but it is pouring with rain so everything has taken cover. That was until our friendly male pheasant got fed up of sheltering under a bush in our garden and hopped up onto a frame in the vegetable garden. After sitting there for a minute or two he stretched up his neck and flapped his wings so hard that he lost his balance and fell off his perch. Strangely, Gemma, one of the guinea pigs, did a similar thing only yesterday. I was giving her a slice of apple but she snatched it from me so hard that she fell over backwards landing on a very surprised Ginger (the other guinea pig and son of Gemma). What always amuses me when animals do something silly like this is their very human like response of apparent embarrassment:-)

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